Produced from round and rectangular logs.
Old traditions – New technologies.
A log house is warm, cosy and healthy to live in.

  • Enviromently-friendly
  • Economic
  • Aesthetic
  • Long-lasting

More details about specific features of our production in About us.

We offer structures for the construction of dwelling houses made from round logs with a diameter ranging from 18 to 22 cm, and from rectangular logs with a diameter from 14 to 18 cm.

When a house is built of small-diameter logs, we suggest that additional internal heat isolation from rock wool be made.

There are numerous options for interior finishing: walls can be finished with finishing boards, gypsum & cardboard or OSB boards, or covered with tiles.

Windows and doors are made in conformity with the EURO standard from glued wood and in various positions and sizes; also from glass packages.

For log houses we recommend heavier roof covering: concrete and clay tiles, reed, straw or shingles. They can be covered with more common roof covering, such as bitumen, corrugated asbestos boards, tinplate etc. Roof windows are used according to designs and costumer’s requests. The roof is heat-insulated, while the attic inside is usually covered with finishing boards, OSB or gypsum & cardboard panels.

The floors are heated, the cover varies: coniferous wood boards, head-wooded boards, parquet, tiles etc. The stairs are made of coniferous or hard-wooded boards in different styles: winding or straight.

The ceiling is heat-insulated with rock wool. Ceiling beams can be left open. The ceiling cover varies. We suggest the old style, when the ceiling is covered with overlapping boards; we also use ceiling boards, gypsum & cardboards panels or OSB boards. Terrace covers also vary.

The houses are painted with paint specially designed for painting wood, they contain wood- impregnating substances and are of a wide range of colours. The wood structure can still be seen when painted with these paints.

The heating system of the houses is also varied: fireplaces, solid fuel, gas boilers or electricity.

From round logs

From rectangular logs

Indoor interior